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  • meesMees- ja naiskujusid on alati reklaamides kasutatud. Male and female forms have always been used in advertising. Tahaksin tänada nii mees- kui naissoost feministe nende varasematel aastatel tehtud töö eest. I would like to express my gratitude to the feminists, both male and female, for their work in the past.
  • isane
  • isasloom
  • meessoost75% koondatutest on meessoost ning 25% on üle 55 aasta vanad. Out of these, around 75% are male and 25% are over 55 years of age. Kriisivastased meetmed on suunatud peamiselt meessoost elanikkonnale. The counter-crisis measures are directed mainly towards the male population. Eelkõige peame tegema suuremaid jõupingutusi, et veenda meessoost otsustajaid oma murede ehtsuses. Above all, we need to make greater efforts to convince male decision makers of our concerns.

Definition of male

  • Belonging to the sex which typically produces sperm, or to the gender which is typically associated with it. if you modify this definition, check whether or not the definition of 'femalealso needs to be modified--
  • Characteristic of this sex/gender. , .}}
  • Tending to lead to or regulate the development of sexual characteristics typical of this sex
  • Masculine; of the masculine grammatical gender
  • Of instruments, tools, or connectors: designed to fit into or penetrate a female counterpart, as in a connector, pipe fitting or laboratory glassware.
  • One of the male sex or gender


  • male writers
  • the leading male and female singers
  • a male bird feeding a seed to a female
  • in bee colonies, all drones are male
  • intersex male patients
  • stereotypically male interests, an insect with typically male coloration
  • the male chromosome;   like testes, ovaries also produce testosterone and some other male hormones

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