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  • krooninenTilanne maassani on siis krooninen. So the situation in my country is chronic. Kuitenkin kaikkialla Euroopassa on edelleen havaittavissa krooninen taitopula. However, across Europe we still face a chronic skills crisis. Muuten lyhytaikaisia epätasapainoja seuraa krooninen vaje. Otherwise, short-term imbalances will be followed by chronic deficits.

Definition of chronic

  • Of a problem, that continues over an extended period of time
  • Prolonged or slow to heal
  • Of a person, suffering from an affliction that is prolonged or slow to heal
  • Inveterate or habitual
  • Very bad, awful
  • Extremely serious
  • Good, great; "wicked
  • Marijuana, typically of high quality
  • A person who is chronic, such as a criminal reoffender or a person with chronic disease


  • chronic unemployment; chronic poverty; chronic anger; chronic life
  • chronic cough; chronic headache; chronic illness
  • Chronic patients must learn to live with their condition
  • Hes a chronic smoker
  • That concert was chronic
  • They left him in a chronic condition
  • That was cool, chronic in fact

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