English-Finnish translations for contradiction

  • ristiriitaTässä on siis todellinen ristiriita. So that is a real contradiction. Tässä on siis jatkuva ristiriita. So there is a constant contradiction. Tässä piilee eräänlainen ristiriita. There is a certain contradiction here.
  • kiistäminen
  • vastakohtaisuus

Definition of contradiction

  • The act of contradicting
  • A statement that contradicts itself, i.e., a statement that makes a claim that the same thing is true and that it is false at the same time and in the same senses of the terms
  • A logical inconsistency among two or more elements or propositions
  • A proposition that is false for all values of its variables


  • His contradiction of the proposal was very interesting.
  • There is a contradiction in Clarence Pages statement that a woman should have the right to choose and decide for herself whether to have an abortion, and at the same time she should not have that right.
  • There is a contradiction in what you say: she cant be both married and single.
  • Marx believed that the contradictions of capitalism would lead to socialism.

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