English-Finnish translations for cooking

  • ruoanlaitto
    Juuri sillä hetkellä kaasu kuitenkin loppui, ja ruoanlaitto piti keskeyttää. Right at that moment, however, the gas ran out and there could be no more cooking.
  • keittäminen
  • keittotaito

Definition of cooking

  • The process of preparing food by using heat
  • An instance of preparing food by using heat
  • The result of preparing food by using heat
  • In progress, happening


  • My cooking isnt very good. I dont have any idea how to prepare a good meal.
  • I missed my mums cooking while I was at university.
  • What youve produced is a perfect example of authentic Chinese cooking.
  • The project took a few days to gain momentum, but by the end of the week, things were really cooking.


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