English-Finnish translations for dominican

  • dominikaanilainen
  • dominicalainen
  • dominikaani
    Matkustan myös Dominikaaniseen tasavaltaan. I will also go to the Dominican Republic. Dominikaanisen tasavallan kysymystäkään ei ole unohdettu elvytysohjelmassamme. The Dominican Republic matters also and is not forgotten in our recovery programme. Jo nyt on nähtävissä, että tilanteesta voi aiheutua ylikuormitusta rajalla, joten tapaan myös Dominikaanisen tasavallan viranomaiset. You can already see that the situation might eventually create some overstretching at the border, so I will also see the Dominican authorities.
  • dominikaaninen

Definition of dominican

  • A person from the Dominican Republic or of its descent
  • A member of the religious order founded by St. Dominic
  • Of, from, or pertaining to the Dominican Republic, or its people
  • Of or belonging to the Dominican religious order


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