English-Finnish translations for identifier

  • tunniste
  • pääavain
  • tunnusSiitä on tullut eräänlainen näkyvä Euroopan tunnus. Kansallishymnin ja lipun ohella se on yksi harvoista symboleista, joita meillä nykyään on. It has become something of a visible European identifier: besides the anthem and the flag, it is one of the few symbols we have today. henkilötunnus, käyttäjätunnusliiketunnus

Definition of identifier

  • Someone who identifies; a person who establishes the identity of
  • Something that identifies or uniquely points to something or someone else
  • A guidebook that helps determine the specific class of an object , or its individual identity (such as that of a star
  • A code that distinguishes a particular from all other elements in a document

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