English-Finnish translations for incredible

  • uskomaton
    Verolla on ollut uskomaton vaikutus. It has had an incredible effect. Hänelle lienee niin ollen karttunut uskomaton määrä kokemuksia. He must have an incredible amount of experience. Meillä on tässä uskomaton mahdollisuus. We are faced with an incredible opportunity here.
  • epäuskottava
    Kuinka ulkopolitiikkamme voi olla uskottavaa, kun sen korkea edustaja on epäuskottava? How can we have a credible foreign policy when it has an incredible High Representative?
  • fantastinen
  • ihmeellinen

Definition of incredible


  • He was so wrapped up in watching the incredible special effects that he couldnt keep track of the story
  • I had such an incredible slice of pizza last night that I simply cant think about anything else


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