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  • manipulaatio
    Mielestäni tällainen perustamissopimuksen manipulaatio heikentää EU: n uskottavuutta. In my opinion, the credibility of the EU is undermined by such manipulation of the Treaty. Vältettäviä asioista eivät ole vain kyynisyys ja manipulaatio: myös apatia ja piittaamattomuus on voitettava. It is not just cynicism and manipulation which have to be avoided: apathy and insensitivity have also to be overcome. Gaddafin tätä tilannetta koskeva manipulaatio kuitenkin epäonnistui hänen omassa maassaan, minkä todistaa se, että juuri Benghazissa vallankumous itse asiassa alkoi. However, Gaddafi's manipulation of this situation failed in his own country, which is proven by the fact that Benghazi was actually now where the revolution started.

Definition of manipulation


  • The dealers manipulations could have removed cards from the deck
  • After a few minutes of manipulation each week, she obtained days of relief from her neck pain.
  • The counselor was able to reach the disturbed teen through positive psychological manipulation.
  • Through subtle manipulations he orchestrated the downfall of his rival


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