English-Finnish translations for narrative

  • kertomusMutta Euroopalle "rauhan voittaminen" oli edellisen vuosisadan kertomus. But for Europe, 'winning the peace' was the narrative of the last century.
  • kertovaSe on historiallinen, se on kertova, siinä omistetaan ainoastaan puolitoista sivua tulevaisuudelle ja tuolloinkin vain hyvin epämääräisesti. It is historical, it is narrative, it devotes only a page and a half to the future and then in the vaguest of terms.
  • narratiiviVenäjän narratiivi Ukrainan konfliktista
  • selostus
  • tarina
  • vuolassanainen

Definition of narrative

  • Telling a story
  • Of or relating to narration
  • The systematic recitation of an event or series of events
  • A representation of an event or story
  • A manner of conveying a story, fictional or otherwise, in a body of work


  • the narrative thrust of a film
  • The plot is full of holes, but the narrative is extremely compelling

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