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  • palautuaMeidän täytyy tunnustaa luonnon järjestelmien joustavuus ja niiden kyky palautua aina, kun jokin taloudellisen vakauden taso on saavutettu. We need to acknowledge the resilience of natural systems and their ability subsequently to recover once a plateau of economic stability has been reached. Kansainvälisen merentutkimusneuvoston (ICES) arvioinnit vaikuttavat liioitellun hätääntyneiltä etenkin kummeliturskan osalta, jonka esiintymät ovat alkaneet ilmeisesti palautua ennalleen. The ICES estimates seem to be needlessly alarmist in nature, especially as far as hake is concerned, the population of which, it seems, has begun to recover.
  • parantuaKaiken lisäksi hyväkuntoiset eläimet voivat parantua taudista. What is more, healthy animals can recover from foot-and-mouth disease.
  • saada takaisinOstovoima voidaan minun mielestäni saada takaisin ainoastaan jäädyttämällä kuluttajahinnat. Purchasing power will only recover, I believe, with a moratorium on consumer prices. Niillä henkilöillä, jotka eivät ostaneet matkalippuja luottokortilla, ei ollut mitään mahdollisuutta saada takaisin rahojaan. People who did not purchase tickets with a credit card have practically no chance of recovering their money. Jos sellaisia kuluja ei voitaisi saada takaisin, se jarruttaisi varmasti lentoasemien sijoituksia uuteen kehitykseen. If such costs could not be recovered, there would be a positive disincentive for airports to invest in new development.
  • tervehtyä
  • toipuaEnsimmäinen tavoite on toipua kriisistä. The first aim is to recover from the crisis. Kansakunnallani ja kotimaallani ei ollut lainkaan mahdollisuutta toipua. My nation and my homeland had no time at all to recover. Euromed-vuoropuhelun on vaikea toipua tästä sodasta. The Euromed dialogue is struggling to recover from this war.

Definition of recover

  • To get back, regain (a physical thing lost etc
  • To return to, resume (a given state of mind or body
  • To reach , arrive at
  • To restore to good health, consciousness, life etc
  • To make good by reparation; to make up for; to retrieve; to repair the loss or injury of
  • To get better from; to get over
  • To get better, regain one's health
  • To regain one's composure, balance etc
  • To obtain a judgement; to succeed in a lawsuit
  • To gain as compensation or reparation
  • To gain by legal process
  • Recovery.
  • A position of holding a firearm during exercises, whereby the lock is at shoulder height and the sling facing out
  • To cover again
  • To add a new roof membrane or steep-slope covering over an existing one


  • After days of inquiries, he finally recovered his lost wallet
  • At the top of the hill I asked to stop for a few minutes to recover my strength
  • to recover lost time
  • To the end of his days, he never fully recovered his daughters death
  • I was hurt, but I knew Id recover, given time
  • Spinning round, he caught a stone with his ankle, but recovered quickly before turning to face me
  • The plaintiff has recovered in his suit.
  • to recover damages in trespass; to recover debt and costs in a suit at law
  • to recover lands in ejectment or common recovery
  • to recover judgement against a defendant

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