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  • lauantai
    Viime lauantai-iltana kotimaassani sattui jälleen kerran tapaus, jota kutsumme lauantai-illan verilöylyksi.Once again, in my country, last Saturday, on Saturday night, there was yet another case of what we call Saturday-night carnage. Professori Sarabhai otti piispaan yhteyttä eräänä lauantai-iltana. Professor Sarabhai, approached the Bishop one Saturday evening. Irlannin tasavallan terroristit tappoivat 25-vuotiaan konstaapeli Ronan Kerrin lauantai-iltapäivällä. Twenty-five-year-old Constable Ronan Kerr died at the hands of Republican terrorists on Saturday afternoon.

Definition of saturday

  • The '''seventh day''of the week in many religious traditions, and the '''sixth day''of the week in systems using the ISO 8601 norm; observed as the Sabbath in Judaism , Friday sunset to Saturday sunset); it follows Friday and precedes Sunday
  • On Saturday


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