English-Finnish translations for smother

  • tukahduttaaTaantuma tukahduttaa yrityksiä ja ilmastonmuutos käy koko ajan selvemmäksi. The recession is smothering businesses and climate change grows ever more stark. Euroopan unioni on ottanut globaalin kapitalismin omakseen, ja sen syleily tukahduttaa meidät kaikki. The European Union's embrace of global capitalism is an embrace that will smother us all. Sen lähes monopoliasema sekä tuotannossa että jakelussa on purettava, koska se estää muiden toimijoiden pääsyn markkinoille ja tukahduttaa kilpailun. Its near-monopoly of both generation and distribution must be broken, as it is keeping others out of the market and smothering competition.
  • tukehtua
  • kyteä
  • tukahtua
  • tukehduttaa

Definition of smother

  • To suffocate; stifle; obstruct, more or less completely, the respiration of something or someone
  • To reduce to a low degree of vigor or activity; suppress or do away with; extinguish
  • In cookery: to cook in a close dish
  • To daub or smear
  • To breathe with great difficulty by reason of smoke, dust, close covering or wrapping, or the like
  • to perish, grow feeble, or decline, by suppression or concealment; be stifled; be suppressed or concealed
  • To get in the way of a kick of the ball, preventing it going very far. When a player is kicking the ball, an opponent who is close enough will reach out with his hands and arms to get over the top of it, so the ball hits his hands after leaving the kicker's boot, dribbling away
  • That which smothers or appears to smother, ''particularly''


  • to smother a fire with ashes
  • The committees report was smothered
  • beefsteak smothered with onions

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