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Definition of snag

  • A stump or base of a branch that has been lopped off; a short branch, or a sharp or rough branch
  • A dead tree that remains standing
  • Any sharp protuberant part of an object, which may catch, scratch, or tear other objects brought into contact with it
  • A problem or difficulty with something
  • A pulled thread or yarn, as in cloth
  • To catch or tear upon a rough surface or projection
  • To damage or sink by collision; said of a tree or branch fixed to the bottom of a navigable body of water and partially submerged or rising to just beneath the surface
  • To fish by means of dragging a large hook or hooks on a line, intending to impale the body of the target
  • To obtain or pick up (something
  • To stealthily steal with legerdemain prowess (something
  • To cut the snags or branches from, as the stem of a tree; to hew roughly
  • A light meal
  • A goal
  • A misnaged, an opponent to Chassidic Judaism (more likely modern, for cultural reasons


  • Be careful not to snag your stockings on that concrete bench!
  • The steamboat was snagged on the Mississippi River in 1862
  • We snagged for spoonbill from the eastern shore of the Mississippi River
  • Ella snagged a bottle of water from the fridge before leaving for her jog
  • The smiling little girl snagged her phone while performing a dance; but now was far-off among the crowd


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