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  • tottunutOlette tottunut kovaan peliin. You are used to playing a tough game. Parlamentti on nyt jo tottunut menettelyihinne. Parliament has now got used to your practices. Venäjä on tottunut EU:n kiertelyyn. Russia has got used to the equivocation of the EU.
  • ennenPositiivista on se, että luku oli ennen 34 000. The good news is that it used to be 34 000. Työsuhdeturva oli ennen hyvin tärkeää. Job security also used to be very important. Ennen siirryttiin suoraan lakien säätämiseen. First of all, we used to go straight to legislation.
  • ennen oli tapana

Definition of used to

  • Accustomed to, tolerant or accepting of
  • Formerly and habitually or repeatedly, but possibly no longer, did


  • I am used to cleaning up other people’s mess. I became used to his ways
  • I used to like that band and I still do

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