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  • TabelledieIch danke Ihnen auch, Herr Kommissar, für die Tabellen, die Sie mir gegeben haben. Thank you also, Commissioner, for the tables which you have given me. Ich überlasse Ihnen gern die zusammenfassende Tabelle, wenn Sie möchten. I can give you this summary table if you wish, Mrs Gutiérrez-Cortines. Nach der Annahme des Tabellenteils von Änderungsantrag Nr. 27 After the adoption of the 'table' part of Amendment No 27:
  • Tischder
    Diese Arbeit liegt nun auf dem Tisch. This work is now on the table. Unsere Vorschläge sind auf dem Tisch. Our proposals are on the table. Entsprechende Vorschläge liegen auf dem Tisch. Some proposals are on the table.
  • Tafeldie
  • auf die lange Bank schieben
  • Datenbanktabelle
  • Spiegelder
  • Tischlein
  • vertagen

Definition of table

  • Furniture with a top surface to accommodate a variety of uses
  • A two-dimensional presentation of data
  • The top of a stringed instrument, particularly a member of the violin family: the side of the instrument against which the strings vibrate
  • The flat topmost facet of a cut diamond
  • To tabulate; to put into a table or grid.
  • To supply with food at a table; to feed.
  • To delineate; to represent, as in a picture; to depict.
  • To put on the table of a commission or legislative assembly; to propose for formal discussion or consideration, to put on the agenda.
  • To remove from the agenda, to postpone dealing with; to shelve .
  • To join together using coaks.
  • To make board hems in the skirts and bottoms of in order to strengthen them in the part attached to the bolt-rope


  • Thats the strongest table Ive ever seen at a European Poker Tour event
  • The baron kept a fine table and often held large banquets.
  • The children were practising multiplication tables
  • Don’t you know your tables?
  • Here is a table of natural logarithms
  • to table fines
  • The legislature tabled the amendment, so they will not be discussing it until later.
  • The motion was tabled, ensuring that it would not be taken up until a later date.

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