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  • daQuesto è ciò che ci aspettiamo da lei. That is what we expect from you. Abbiamo tratto insegnamento da quanto è accaduto? Have we learnt any lesson from it? Io vengo dall'Irlanda, parlo inglese. I am from Ireland; I speak English.
  • diE' assurda sotto ogni punto di vista. It is absurd from every angle. Dobbiamo abbandonare questo tipo di presentazione. We have to move away from this. Propongo di votare dall'emendamento n. 56 al n. I propose we vote from 56 to 28.
  • neRicevo più informazioni io di quante lui non ne ottenga da me. I find out more from him than he does from me. (Interruzione dell'onorevole Cohn-Bendit: "No! (Interjection from Mr Cohn-Bendit: 'No!
  • scorcio

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  • This wine comes from France
  • I got a letter from my brother
  • He had books piled from floor to ceiling
  • He left yesterday from Chicago
  • Face away from the wall!
  • 20 from 31 leaves 11
  • The program goes from 8 to 10
  • Rate your pain from 1 to 10
  • You can study anything from math to literature
  • This manuscript is from the 1980s
  • An umbrella protects from the sun
  • He knows right from wrong
  • The general was ousted from power
  • Its hard to tell from here
  • Its made from pure gold
  • Too many people die from breast cancer
  • You cant get all your news from the Internet

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