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  • dare
    Perché non è possibile dare loro questa opportunità? Why not give them that freedom? Vorrei dare un congruo preavviso ai colleghi. Let me give colleagues due notice. Occorre dare un’opportunità agli imprenditori. Let us give entrepreneurs a chance.
  • acconsentireNon posso acconsentire a una cosa del genere. I cannot give my consent to that. Se vogliamo acconsentire dobbiamo anche accettare di assumercene la responsabilità. If we want to give the go-ahead, then we must also be prepared to take the responsibility that goes with it.
  • affidareIl Consiglio dovrebbe affidare alla Commissione il relativo mandato. The Council should give the Commission the mandate to do this. L’obiettivo è infatti quello di affidare ai citati partiti il compito di diffondere la buona novella europeista. Since the aim is to give these parties a monopoly to spread the good word of Europeism. Sulla base di questo programma, possiamo ora affidare al gruppo un nuovo mandato, il che dovrebbe poter avvenire verso la fine dell'anno. Based on this plan we can give the group a new mandate, which we will do at the end of the year.
  • arrecare
  • cedereNon siamo più disposti a cedere. We are no longer prepared to give way. Per tale motivo non dobbiamo cedere alla loro richiesta. For this reason, we should not give in to them. Non possiamo permetterci di cedere agli egoismi nazionali. We cannot afford to give in to national egoisms.
  • prestareDovremmo prestare sempre attenzione a tale aspetto. We should always give attention to this. Si deve inoltre prestare un'attenzione speciale a Internet. We also need to give special attention to the Internet. Dal voto di domani si capirà se avremo la possibilità di prestare aiuto. Tomorrow's vote will determine whether we have any help to give.
  • regalareNon abbiamo soldi da regalare. We do not have money to give away. Se la Commissione intendeva regalare i nostri affari al resto del mondo ci è riuscita benissimo. If the Commission wanted to give our business away to the rest of the world, then it has done a jolly good job.

Definition of give

  • To move, shift, provide something abstract or concrete to someone or something or somewhere
  • To estimate or predict for (something
  • To yield slightly when a force is applied
  • To collapse under pressure or force. merge with preceding!!! --
  • To provide, as, a service or a broadcast
  • To lead (onto or into
  • To provide a view of. W1913--
  • To exhibit as a product or result; to produce; to yield
  • To cause; to make; used with the infinitive
  • To cause to have; produce in ; effectuate
  • To allow or admit by way of supposition; to concede
  • To attribute; to assign; to adjudge
  • To communicate or announce ; to pronounce or utter (an opinion, a judgment, a shout, etc
  • To grant power or permission to; to allow
  • To devote or apply (oneself
  • To become soft or moist
  • To shed tears; to weep
  • To have a misgiving
  • To be going on, to be occurring but is this only in "what gives"?--
  • The amount of bending that something undergoes when a force is applied to it; a tendency to yield under pressure; resilence


  • I gave him my coat
  • I gave my coat to the beggar
  • When they asked, I gave my coat
  • Im going to give my wife a necklace for her birthday
  • She gave a pair of shoes to her husband for their anniversary
  • He gives of his energies to the organization
  • I gave him my word that Id protect his children
  • I gave them permission to miss tomorrows class
  • Please give me some more time
  • It gives me a lot of pleasure to be here tonight
  • The fence gave me an electric shock
  • My mother-in-law gives me nothing but grief
  • I want to give you a kiss
  • She gave him a hug
  • Id like to give the tire a kick
  • I gave the boy a push on the swing
  • She gave me a wink afterwards, so I knew she was joking
  • Give me your hand
  • On entering the house, he gave his coat to the doorman
  • My boyfriend gave me chlamydia
  • He was convinced that it was his alcoholism that gave him cancer
  • I give it ten minutes before he gives up
  • I give it a 95% chance of success
  • Ill give their marriage six months
  • One pillar gave, then more, and suddenly the whole floor pancaked onto the floor below
  • Theyre giving my favorite show!
  • The master bedroom gives onto a spacious balcony
  • His window gave the park.
  • The number of men, divided by the number of ships, gives four hundred to each ship.
  • He can be bad-tempered, Ill give you that, but hes a hard worker.
  • The umpire finally gave his decision: the ball was out.
  • The soldiers give themselves to plunder.
  • That boy is given to fits of bad temper.
  • What gives?
  • This chair doesnt have much give.
  • There is no give in his dogmatic religious beliefs.

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