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  • My birthday will come on a Friday this year
  • Turning the corner, I came on Julia sitting by the riverbank
  • I think hes coming on too late after my line
  • I was going to turn off the TV, but my favorite show came on
  • The new garden is coming on nicely
  • The light came on as soon as I flicked the switch
  • She started coming on to me as soon as my wife left the room
  • Dont just stand there on the doorstep, come on in!
  • Dont leave without coming on round to see the baby.
  • You said to come on over whenever I get the chance, and here I am!
  • Come on up to my place on the third floor.
  • Please come on home.
  • Ill show you where the auditorium is. Come on!
  • Come on, George! You can win!
  • Come on! You cant possibly expect me to believe that
  • Aw, come on! Get on with it!
  • Come on, we dont want to miss the train!
  • Come on! Im not afraid of you

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