English-Spanish translations for cool

  • genial
  • guay
  • apaciblePara terminar, quiero decir que la Presidencia finlandesa se ha mostrado tranquila, apacible y sosegada. To finish off, I would like to say that the Finnish Presidency was cool, calm and collected.
  • bacán
  • chévere
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • estupendo
  • fresco
  • frío
  • piola
  • sereno
  • tranquiloSeñor Presidente, bien, se supone que debemos estar tranquilos durante los debates; pero es que este debate se nos ha ido de las manos, junto con la honestidad y el racionalismo. Mr President, well, we are supposed to stay cool when following a debate, but this debate has got out of hand and it has literally gone with the wind, and with it has gone honesty and rationalism.
  • Uruguay

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