English-Spanish translations for default

  • predeterminado
  • configuración predeterminada
  • moraRaras veces se respeta la facturación de los intereses de demora, ni siquiera en Francia, donde es obligatoria, por miedo a perder el cliente. Charging interest in default, which is actually obligatory in France, is rarely respected for fear of losing a customer.
  • por defectoEl primero de ellos es el concepto de un LMR por defecto basado en el límite de detección. The first of these is the notion of a default limit-of-determination MRL. La libertad de expresión siempre se verá sacrificada porque esa es la posición de la UE por defecto. Free speech will always be sacrificed because that is the EU's default position. Como les dije la semana pasada, tenemos que asegurar que la Unión Europea no se amplíe simplemente por defecto. As I said to you last week, we must ensure that the European Union does not simply enlarge by default.
  • predeterminada

Definition of default

  • The condition of failing to meet an obligation
  • the original software programming settings as set by the factory
  • A selection made in the absence of an alternative
  • A value used when none has been given; a tentative value or standard that is presumed
  • The failure of a defendant to appear and answer a summons and complaint
  • Lack; absence
  • Fault; offence; wrong act
  • To fail to meet an obligation
  • To lose a competition by failing to compete
  • To assume a value when none was given; to presume a tentative value or standard
  • To fail to appear and answer a summons and complaint


  • He failed to make payments on time and is now in default.
  • You may cure this default by paying the full amount within a week.
  • The teams three losses include one default.
  • The man became the leader of the group as a default.
  • If you dont specify a number of items, the default is 1.
  • This evil has happened through the governors default.
  • If you do not make your payments, you will default on your loan.
  • If you refuse to wear a proper uniform, you will not be allowed to compete and will default this match.
  • If you dont specify a number of items, it defaults to 1.

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