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  • comidaSe ha acuñado una nueva expresión: "el fin de la comida barata". Now a new term has appeared - 'the end of cheap food'. Y éstos eran los que tenían suerte: eran los que tenían comida. They were the lucky ones: they were the ones with food. La comida debería estar claramente etiquetada. Food should be clearly labelled.
  • alimentoNuevos alimentos e ingredientes alimentarios Novel foods and food ingredients La leche es un alimento valioso y saludable. Milk is a valuable and healthy food. El segundo aspecto: los alimentos. My second point concerns food.
  • comerLos consumidores no deseamos comer alimentos contaminados. As consumers, we do not want to eat contaminated food. Soy consciente de que no se puede obligar a las personas a cultivar ni a comer alimentos ecológicos. I realise that you cannot force people either to grow or to eat organic food. En ese país no te dan de comer si no rezas. You cannot get any food in America unless you say your prayers.
  • vianda
  • víveresEso provoca escasez de víveres y propicia la necesidad de importar alimentos. That causes food shortages and brings a need for food imports. A este respecto, ¿no cree usted que podrían, y que quizás deberían, contemplarse operaciones de lanzamiento de víveres en paracaídas? Do you not think that parachuting food into these areas could and should be considered? Cuando llegamos ante el cuartel general de Yasser Arafat, para llevar agua y víveres, un carro nos apunta con su cañón. When we arrived at Yasser Arafat's headquarters to bring him food and water, a tank pointed its gun at us.

Definition of food

  • Any solid substance that can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to sustain life
  • A foodstuff
  • Anything that nourishes or sustains


  • The innkeeper brought them food and drink
  • The mans inspiring speech gave us food for thought
  • Mozart and Bach are food for my soul

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