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  • perezosoNo podemos votar sobre todas las cuestiones un miércoles solo porque algunos perezosos quieran marcharse ese mismo día. We cannot vote on everything on a Wednesday just because there are some lazy people who think they have to leave on that day.
  • esquenún
  • flojo
  • haragán
  • holgazán
  • locho
  • vago¿Cómo pueden ser tan vagos los representantes de los ciudadanos? How lazy can they be as representatives of the people? en nombre del Grupo PPE. - (LV) Señor Presidente, señor Comisario, somos unos vagos. on behalf of the PPE Group. - (LV) Mr President, Commissioner, we are all lazy. Lo que ha ocurrido hoy a mediodía ha sido obra de aquellos que son demasiado vagos para aguantar hasta el final de la sesión. What happened at noon today was the action of those who are too lazy to stick it out right through to the end of the sitting.

Definition of lazy


  • Get out of bed, you lazy lout!
  • I love staying inside and reading on a lazy Sunday
  • lazy writing
  • We strolled along beside a lazy stream
  • a lazy-eared rabbit
  • a lazy algorithm

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