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  • verdaderamenteVerdaderamente tenemos que cambiar esta situación. We really need to change this. Sería verdaderamente desastroso. This really will be disastrous. Verdaderamente, es el elemento más importante. It really is the biggest element.
  • ¿de veras?
  • ciertamenteEs una responsabilidad ciertamente importante. It is a really big responsibility. Ciertamente, aquí se necesita un mayor compromiso. More commitment really is needed here. El señor Booth ciertamente lo ha entendido mal. Mr Booth has really misunderstood this!
  • de veras¿De veras piensan que somos tan estúpidos? Do you really think we are that stupid? ¿De veras no hubo conflicto de intereses? Was there really no conflict of interests? ¿Creará de veras gobernanza económica? Will this pact really create economic governance?
  • muyRealmente, esto es muy importante. This is really very important. Soy muy ambiciosa en este tema. I am really ambitious for this. Y, en efecto, resulta muy conmovedora. And it really is quite touching.
  • realmenteExaminemos en lo que ha ocurrido realmente. Let us look at what really happened. ¿Así es como usted realmente lo ve? Is this really how you see it? ¿Realmente hay que compensar esto? Should this really be rewarded?
  • ¿de verdad?
  • ¿en serio?

Definition of really


  • He really is a true friend." / "Really? What makes you so sure?
  • But ma, I really, really want to go to the show!
  • A: He won the Nobel Prize yesterday.
  • B: Really?
  • A: Ive just been reading Shakespeare - hes one of the best authors like, ever!
  • B: Really.
  • A: That girl talks about herself way too much.
  • B: Really. Shes a nightmare.
  • Well, really! How rude.

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