English-Spanish translations for receive

  • recibirLa recibirá usted de forma inmediata. You will receive it very shortly. Recibirán una respuesta por escrito. They will receive an answer in writing. Georgia merece recibir nuestra ayuda. Georgia deserves to receive our support.
  • conseguirEspero que tenga ocasión de conseguir algún adelanto para el dossier de Birmania. I think that you would receive a great deal of support from this Parliament. Espero que obtengamos la mayoría necesaria para conseguir este avance. I hope that we will receive the necessary majority to achieve that breakthrough. El tema decisivo es cómo podemos conseguir que el Consejo acepte las políticas que el Parlamento desea impulsar. Unfortunately, we have not received any institutional reply to this question so far.
  • obtenerLos ciudadanos deben obtener una buena formación y, consecuentemente, alcanzar una buena preparación. Our citizens must receive sufficient training and so achieve good skills. Creo que a la opinión pública le gustaría obtener una respuesta a estas preguntas. I think that public opinion would like to receive an answer to these questions. Tratamos de obtener una explicación satisfactoria, que no estoy seguro de que hayamos recibido debidamente. We are seeking a satisfactory explanation, which I am not sure we have properly received.
  • recibir, lograr

Definition of receive

  • To take, as something that is offered, given, committed, sent, paid, etc.; to accept; to be given something
  • To take goods knowing them to be stolen
  • To incur (an injury
  • To allow ; to give credence or acceptance to
  • To detect a signal from a transmitter
  • To accept into the mind; to understand
  • An operation in which data is received


  • She received many presents for her birthday
  • to receive a lodger, visitor, ambassador, messenger, etc
  • I received a bloody nose from the collision

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