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  • enfermoTodo puede ser menos la defensa de los enfermos. This is not about defending the sick! Chad no es el único de África que está enfermo. Chad is not the only sick man of Africa. Son hermanos de animales que están enfermos. These are siblings of animals that are sick.
  • hartoSinceramente, todos estamos hartos de oír eso y no queremos oírlo más. Frankly, we are all sick of hearing that and we do not want to hear it any more. Tengo que decir esto de forma muy clara: mi grupo está harto de planes de acción. I am obliged to say this very clearly: my group is sick to death of action plans. Estoy harto y cansado de escuchar cómo todos culpan a todos y buscan chivos expiatorios. I am sick and tired of listening to everyone blaming everyone, coming up with scapegoats.
  • maloPor desgracia es un chiste muy malo. Unfortunately, it is rather a sick joke.

Definition of sick

  • Having an urge to vomit
  • In poor health
  • Mentally unstable, disturbed
  • In bad taste
  • Tired of or annoyed by something
  • Very good, excellent, awesome, badass
  • In poor condition
  • Failing to sustain adequate harvests of crop, usually specified
  • Sick people in general as a group
  • vomit
  • To vomit
  • To fall sick; to sicken


  • She was sick all day with the flu
  • Thats a sick joke
  • Ive heard that song on the radio so many times that Im starting to get sick of it
  • This tune is sick
  • Dude, this cars got a sick subwoofer!
  • sick building syndrome; my car is looking pretty sick; my job prospects are pretty sick
  • We have to cure the sick
  • He lay there in a pool of his own sick
  • I woke up at 4 am and sicked on the floor

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