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  • estudiarEmpezaremos a estudiar este tema antes de que concluya el año. We will begin a study on this before the end of the year. Tengo que estudiar los detalles. I will need to study the detail. Hipócrates dijo una vez que para estudiar medicina es necesario estudiar el clima. Hippocrates once said that to study medicine you have to study the climate.
  • estudioAsí ha quedado demostrado en estudio tras estudio. This has been proved in study after study. Por este motivo tenemos un estudio en curso en el STOA. A study on this is under way at STOA. Haremos que dicho estudio se lleve a la práctica. We will commission a study of this kind.
  • examinarTodas estas cuestiones se examinarán en el estudio de la consultora. All these matters will be looked at in the consultancy study. ¿Cuándo podrá examinar el Parlamento este informe? When can Parliament study this report? Este aspecto se examinará igualmente en el estudio que acabo de mencionar. This aspect will also be looked at in the study I have just mentioned.
  • informeEste informe constituye un punto de partida activo respecto a tales estudios adicionales. This report makes an active start with that additional study. ¿Cuándo podrá examinar el Parlamento este informe? When can Parliament study this report?
  • investigaciónNo es un tema de investigación académica. It is not a matter for academic study.
  • investigarEs un campo que hay que investigar, dado que influye en todos nosotros. For that we would need a study undertaken, as it affects us all. El otoño pasado participé en un estudio en el que se me pidió una muestra de pelo para investigar el contenido de mercurio. Last autumn I took part in a study in which a sample of my hair was taken and investigated for its mercury content. Este dato es quizás la razón por la que muchos estudiantes y científicos deciden estudiar e investigar en Estados Unidos. That is perhaps why many graduates and scientists prefer to do their research and studying in America.
  • pesquisa

Definition of study

  • To review materials already learned in order to make sure one does not forget them, usually in preparation for an examination
  • To take a course or courses on a subject
  • To acquire knowledge on a subject with the intention of applying it in practice
  • To look at minutely
  • To fix the mind closely upon a subject; to dwell upon anything in thought; to muse; to ponder
  • To endeavor diligently; to be zealous
  • Mental effort to acquire knowledge or learning
  • The act of studying or examining; examination
  • Any particular branch of learning that is studied; any object of attentive consideration
  • A room in a house intended for reading and writing; traditionally the private room of the male head of household
  • An artwork made in order to practise or demonstrate a subject or technique
  • The human face, bearing an expression which the observer finds amusingly typical of a particular emotion or state of mind
  • A piece for special practice; an étude
  • One who commits a theatrical part to memory
  • Thought, as directed to a specific purpose; one's concern


  • Students are expected to start studying for final exams in March.
  • I need to study my biology notes.
  • I study medicine at the university.
  • Biologists study living things.
  • In 2015, scientists found that 82 percent of glaciers studied in China had decreased in size. File:In 2015, scientists found that.ogg
  • He studied the map in preparation for the hike.
  • The study of languages is fascinating
  • I made a careful study of his sister
  • Father spends all his time in the study poring over manuscripts
  • a study of heads or of hands for a figure picture
  • Geoffreys face was a study
  • Geoffreys face was a study in amazement [or in bewilderment, irritation, distress etc.]
  • That new study on noncommutative symmetries looks promising.
  • My study was to avoid disturbing her

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