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  • queEspero que todos estemos de acuerdo en eso. I hope that we all agree on that. Este es el conflicto al que nos enfrentamos. That is the conflict that we face. ¡Y la nación que a él se entregue perdida está!" And the nation that plays it is lost!'
  • esePor ese motivo necesitamos ese objetivo intermedio. That is why we need this intermediate goal. ¿Podría señalar a su atención ese punto? Could I put that point to you? - Ese punto no forma parte del orden del día. - That is not a point of order.
  • aquel¿Por qué fue posible entonces aquel acuerdo? Why was such an agreement possible at that time? Poco queda de aquel texto ahora. Little remains of that text now. Desafío a todo aquel que esté en desacuerdo con esto. I defy anyone to disagree with that.
  • esa eso
  • tanPor el momento, no hemos llegado tan lejos. We have not come that far yet. Todos sabemos que tan pronto como? Everyone knows that as soon as ? Por eso resulta tan decepcionante. That is why it is a disappointment.
  • aquél
  • aquella¿Qué fue lo que dijimos en aquella ocasión? What was it we said at that time? Aquellas conversaciones fueron provechosas. That discussion was very fruitful. Aquella mujer estaba gimiendo desconsoladamente. That woman was sobbing her heart out.
  • aquelloAquello se emitió y se debatió. That was broadcast and discussed. Él llamó a aquello la ley de la jungla. He called that the law of the jungle. También pusimos objeciones a aquello y lo cambiamos. We also objected to that and changed it.
  • así de
  • esaEsa es la única forma de lograrlo. That is the only way to do it. Debemos responder a esa pregunta. That question must be answered. Ahora necesitamos esa amplia mayoría. We now need that large majority.
  • ése
  • esoEso y solo eso nos hará fuertes. That alone that will make us strong. Eso es subsidiariedad; eso es flexibilidad. That is subsidiarity; that is flexibility. Eso es comprensible, eso es legítimo. That is understandable, that is legitimate.
  • para que

Definition of that

  • because, in that
  • or goal , and usually contains the auxiliaries may, might or should:}} so, so that
  • or effect.}}
  • seeing as; inasmuch as; given that; as would appear from the fact that
  • The indicated or understood from context, especially if more remote physically, temporally or mentally than one designated as "", or if expressing distinction
  • The thing, person, idea, quality, event, action or time indicated or understood from context, especially if more remote geographically, temporally or mentally than one designated as "", or if expressing distinction.
  • The known ;
  • The aforementioned quality or proposition;
  • Which, who; .
  • To a given extent or degree
  • To a great extent or degree; very, particularly
  • To such an extent; so.
  • Something being indicated that is there; one of those


  • He told me that the book is a good read.
  • I believe that it is true. — She is convinced that he is British.
  • Be glad that you have enough to eat.
  • The noise was so loud that she woke up.
  • The problem was sufficiently important that it had to be addressed.
  • Was John there? — Not that I saw.
  • How often did she visit him? — Twice that I saw.
  • Oh that spring would come!
  • That book is a good read. This one isnt
  • That battle was in 1450
  • That cat of yours is evil
  • He went home, and after that I never saw him again.
  • Theyre getting divorced. What do you think about that?
  • The water is so cold! — That it is
  • Would you like another piece of cake? — That I would!
  • We think that you stole the tarts. — That I did not!
  • The CPR course that she took really came in handy.
  • The house that he lived in was old and dilapidated.
  • the place that [= where or to which] I went last year
  • the last time that [= when] I went to Europe
  • "The ribbon was that thin." "I disagree, I say it was not that thin, it was thicker... or maybe thinner..."
  • Im just not that sick.
  • I did the run last year, and it wasnt that difficult.
  • Ooh, I was that happy I nearly kissed her.

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