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  • este
    Lo he podido comprobar en este trabajo. I have seen this in this work. Este es el Reglamento de la Asamblea. This is the Rule in this House. Este informe pone de relieve este hecho. This report emphasises this fact.
  • esta
    Esta enmienda refuerza lo anterior. This amendment reinforces this. Hace tiempo que esta propuesta es necesaria. This proposal is long overdue. Por esta razón hemos presentado esta enmienda. This is why we put down this request.
  • estoTodo esto demuestra que esto es ilegal. All this shows that this is illegal. ¿Logra esto la agenda en cuestión? Does this agenda achieve this? Esto también sucede en el informe. This is true in this report too.

Definition of this

  • The here
  • The known
  • The known
  • A known . Compare with "''a certain#Determiner|certain ...''
  • To the degree or extent indicated
  • The thing, item, etc. being indicated
  • Something being indicated that is here; one of these
  • Referring to the current context in a programming environment in C-like languages


  • This classroom is where I learned to read and write
  • They give the appearance of knowing what theyre doing. Its this appearance that lets them get away with so much
  • When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he gave this reply: “[…]”
  • I met this woman the other day whos allergic to wheat. I didnt even know that was possible!
  • Theres just this nervous mannerism that Bob has with his hands, and it drives me crazy
  • Its cold this morning
  • I plan to go to London this Friday
  • I need this much water.
  • Do we need this many recommendations?
  • Weve already come this far, we cant turn back now.
  • This isnt the item that I ordered.

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