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  • vendedorMis compatriotas pueden entregar gratuitamente su coche al último vendedor. Belgians can deliver their cars back to the vendor without any cost. Tenemos que dejar que el mercado, es decir, los vendedores y los compradores, elija. We must allow the market, that is to say purchasers and vendors, to choose for themselves. Además, también puede constar opcionalmente el nombre del vendedor. Over and above that, however, the name of the vendor may also be indicated, on a voluntary basis.
  • dependiente
  • vendedora

Definition of vendor


  • I distributed my application with a vendored copy of Perl so that it wouldnt use the system copies of Perl where it is installed.
  • Strawberry Perl contains vendored copies of some CPAN modules, designed to allow them to run on Windows.

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