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Definition of when

  • At what time? At which time? Upon which occasion or circumstance?
  • At an earlier time and under different, usually less favorable, circumstances
  • At that time that; at the time that; if
  • During the time that;
  • At what time; at which time
  • Since; given the fact that; considering that
  • Whereas; although; at the same time as; in spite of the fact that
  • What time; which time
  • !--Century and MWO support this sense but the POS may need to be changedThe time that
  • The time at which something happens
  • That's enough,
  • .}}


  • When will they arrive?
  • Do you know when they arrived?
  • I dont know when they arrived.
  • When they arrived is unknown.
  • Hes mister high and mighty now, but I remember him when.
  • That was the day when the Twin Towers fell.
  • Pavlovs dogs salivate when [i.e. at any and every time that] they hear a bell
  • Put your pencil down when [i.e. as soon as, at the moment that] the timer goes off
  • A player wins when [as soon as, or at any time that, if] she has four cards of the same suit
  • A student is disqualified when [as soon as, if] they cheat
  • They dream when [i.e. during the time that] they sleep
  • Im happiest when [during the time that, or at any time that] I’m working
  • It was raining when I came yesterday
  • The game is over when the referee says it is
  • Be careful when crossing the street
  • When (you are) angry, count to ten before speaking or acting
  • I am here till Friday, when [i.e. at which time] I leave for Senegal
  • I was just walking down the street, when [i.e. at which time] all of a sudden it started to rain
  • I dont see the point of putting up Christmas decorations when I am the only person who is going to see them.
  • Youre picking at your scabs when you should be letting them heal.
  • He keeps changing things when the existing system works perfectly well.
  • Since when do I need your permission?
  • I recall when they were called the Greys.
  • Next year is when we elect a new mayor.
  • A good article will cover the who, the what, the when, the where, the why and the how

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