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  • embryoThis baby was an embryo, and it was your baby. Tuo vauva oli alkio, ja se oli teidän vauvanne. However, an embryo is not just a type of material. Alkio ei kuitenkaan ole mitä tahansa materiaalia. In both cases, an embryo is produced, declared surplus, destroyed and used as a raw material. Molemmissa tapauksissa tuotetaan alkio, joka sitten todetaan ylimääräiseksi, tuhotaan ja käytetään raaka-aineeksi.
  • element
    Letters are the elements of written languagean element of doubt; an element of the pictureexposed to the elements
  • entry
    Children are allowed entry only if accompanied by an adult.What does the entry for 2 August 2005 say?The entry in the second row and first column of this matrix is 6.
  • item
    Tweezers are great for manipulating small itemsthe items in a billIn response to the first item, we deny all wrongdoing
  • primordium

Definition of alkio

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