Finnish-English translations for etäisyys

  • distance
    Distance ceases to be a factor. Etäisyys menettää merkityksensä. Moreover, the distance between Europe and the citizen is far too great. Lisäksi etäisyys kansalaisiin on aivan liian suuri. In my view the explanation lies in the distance from the voters, the distance from those who have to pay. Käsitykseni mukaan syy siihen on etäisyys äänestäjiin, etäisyys niihin, joiden pitää maksaa.
  • clearance
    The plane got clearance from air traffic control, and we were off.He got clearance to travel to America, even though he had previous links to terrorists
  • measure
    a measure of saltHonesty is the true measure of a manThe villagers paid a tithe of a thousand measures of corn
  • range
    We sell a wide range of carsWe could see the ship at a range of five milesOne can use the speed of sound to estimate the range of a lightning flash
  • run
    Run, Sarah, run!I have been running all over the building looking for himEvery day I run my dog across the field and back. Ill just run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet. Run your fingers through my hair. Can you run these data through the program for me and tell me whether it gives an error?
  • interval
    the interval between contractions during childbirth
  • offset
    Todays victory was an offset to yesterdays defeatoffset lithographsoffset process
  • standoff
    I dont want to get involved in the standoff between those two.A tense standoff between demonstrators and police continued overnight.

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