Finnish-English translations for häijy

  • foul
    This cloth is too foul to use as a dusterHis foul hands got dirt all over the kitchenThe air was so foul nobody could breathe
  • mean
    I didnt mean to knock your tooth outI mean to go to Baddeck this summerI meant to take the car in for a smog check, but it slipped my mind
  • sardonic
    He distances himself from people with his nasty, sardonic laughter.
  • venomous
    The villain tricked him into drinking the venomous concoctionHis attitude toward me is utterly venomousDo venomous spiders have glands?
  • wicked
    I am not in favour of Mr Milošević: he was a baleful and wicked Communist. En ole Miloševićin kannattaja: hän oli pahaa tarkoittava ja häijy kommunisti. That was a wicked guitar solo, bro!The band we went to see the other night was wicked loud!
  • cruel
    The supervisor was very cruel to Josh, as he would always give Josh the hardest, most degrading work he could find.
  • depraved
  • malignant
    malignant temper;  malignant revenge;  malignant infectionmalignant diphtheriaa malignant tumor
  • nasty
    Processed foods are full of aspartame and other nasties.This video game involves flying through a maze zapping various nasties.
  • ornery
  • shrewd
    a shrewd guessa shrewd blow, or assaulta shrewd wind
  • snide
    Dont make snide remarks to meHe was a snide lawyerI received a shipment of snide goods

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