Finnish-English translations for hienostunut

  • delicate
    Those clothes are made from delicate lace.The negotiations were very delicate.Her face was delicate.
  • sophisticatedREACH will thus become a sophisticated weapon in the competitive struggle within the EU and an instrument with which the big and wealthy will be able to dominate the small and poor. REACHistä tulee hienostunut ase EU:n sisäisessä kilpailussa ja väline, jolla isot ja rikkaat voivat hallita pieniä ja köyhiä.
  • refinedThe raw petroleum was refined into kerosene.The argument, while not persuasive, is quite refined.The curriculum has been carefully refined to meet the needs of foreign students.
  • classyThats a very classy outfit.That was a classy response.
  • couth
    That man has no couth
  • elegantan elegant solution
  • fancy
    I had a fancy to learn to play the fluteHe took a fancy to herTrainspotting is the fancy of a special lot
  • polished
    The tone adopted by those who advocate legislation has changed and become more polished in recent years, giving greater reason for concern. Laillistamisen puolestapuhujien äänensävy on viime vuosina muuttunut ja hienostunut. Tämä antaa entistä enemmän aihetta huoleen. polished shoesa polished performance

Definition of hienostunut

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