Finnish-English translations for huiputtaa

  • hustle
    Ill have to hustle to get there on timeThe guy tried to hustle me into buying into a bogus real estate deal
  • sell
    Ill sell you all three for a hundred dollarsSorry, Im not prepared to sellThis old stock will never sell
  • shamIt was only a sham wedding: they didnt care much for one another, but wanted their parents to stop hassling themThe time-share deal was a shamA con-man must be skilled in the arts of sham and deceit
  • slur
    a racial slurto slur syllables; He slurs his speech when he is drunk
  • snow
    We have had several heavy snows this year.It is snowing.It started to snow.
  • trick
    Of course, you can trick your own peoples by not even asking them what they think about the construction of a super-EU, but sooner or later this project will crumble to dust. Voitte tietenkin huiputtaa omia kansalaisianne ja olla kysymättä heiltä, mitä he ajattelevat super-EU:n rakentamisesta, mutta ennemmin tai myöhemmin tämä hanke romahtaa. It was just a trick to say that the house was underpricedAnd for my next trick, I will pull a wombat out of a duffel bag
  • weasel
  • weasel out

Definition of huiputtaa

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