Finnish-English translations for huoltaja

  • guardian
  • caretaker
    The Belgian model can no longer be governed, which means that Mr Van Rompuy is more a kind of caretaker of the status quo and, in effect, merely takes care of day-to-day business. Belgian mallia ei enää voi hallita, mikä tarkoittaa, että Herman Van Rompuy on enemmänkin vallitsevan tilanteen huoltaja ja, itse asiassa, hoitaa vain päivittäisiä asioita. Johnson had to be drafted in as the caretaker manager after Hewlett resigned without warning the day before the final
  • custodian
    After their parents death, their aunt became the childrens custodianThe buildings custodian could fix nearly anything. The place always looked great!The custodian does such admirable work, deftly wielding a mop to keep our hallways and sidewalks free of buai pekpek left by people who chew betelnuts to be "cool" but dont even bother finding a rubbish bin or spit cup to dispose of the pekpek with

Definition of huoltaja

  • lapsen edun valvoja; henkilö joka vastaa virallisesti alaikäisestä henkilöstä is a free online dictionary with more than 14 million translations.

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