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  • passion
    Reason without passion is sterile, passion without reason is heat. Järki ilman intohimoa on hyödytöntä, intohimo ilman järkeä aiheuttaa kiihkoa. For many the work is not just a passion - it is a livelihood. Monelle kulttuurintekijälle työ on paitsi intohimo myös elinkeino. We can tell that there is a real fervour and passion amongst the population. Väestössä on huomattavissa todellinen innostus, intohimo tätä kohtaan.
  • ambition
    My son, John, wants to be a firefighter very much. He has a lot of ambitionMy ambition is to own a helicopterPausanias, ambitioning the sovereignty of Greece, bargains with Xerxes for his daughter in marriage. — Trumbull
  • ardor
  • fire/translations
  • romance
    His life was a romance.She was so full of romance she would forget what she was supposed to be doing.
  • zeal
    She extols the virtues of veganism with missionary zeal

Definition of intohimo


  • Saippuaoopperoista ei intohimoja puutu.
  • Intohimot ovat johtaneet murhiinkin.
  • Ranskan kieli ja ranskalainen kulttuuri ovat hänen intohimonsa.

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