Finnish-English translations for jumalanpalvelus

  • church service
  • service
    Similarly, on Epiphany in Yialousa, the religious service was cancelled on the unfounded allegation that permission had not been obtained by the required deadline. Vastaavasti loppiaisena Yialousassa peruttiin jumalanpalvelus, koska väitettiin perusteettomasti, että vaadittuun määräaikaan mennessä ei ollut hankittu lupaa. I say I did him a service by ending our relationship – now he can freely pursue his careerHair care is a service industry
  • church
    There is a lovely little church in the valley.This building used to be a church before being converted into a library.These worshippers make up the Church of Christ.
  • worship
    We worship at the church down the road.

Definition of jumalanpalvelus

  • kirkoissa, kappeleissa, rippikouluissa ym. uskonnollisisissa tapahtumissa pidettävä saarna ja synnintunnustus

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