Finnish-English translations for kattaus

  • cover
    The soldiers took cover behind a ruined buildingTheres a $15 cover tonightWe need to set another cover for the Smith party
  • place setting
  • seatingThe seating of passengers will begin soonThere is plenty of comfortable seatingThe first seating begins at 5 oclock
  • setting
    The setting will be marvellous, as always. Kattaus tulee olemaan upea, kuten aina. the setting of the sunthe setting, or hardening, of moist plaster of Paris
  • sitting
    Due to the sheer volume of guests, we had to have two sittings for the meal.The Queen had three sittings for her portrait.we have thirty-four chicks from eight sittings of eggs
  • spread
    He spread his newspaper on the tableI spread my arms wide and welcomed him homeI spread the rice grains evenly over the floor

Definition of kattaus



  • Ensiksi tulleet ruokailevat ensimmäisestä kattauksesta.

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