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  • letter
    Yes, there is the treaty, the letter and the spirit. Kyllä, perussopimus on sen henki ja kirjain. The letter and spirit of the treaties would thus be reconciled. Näin sovitettaisiin yhteen perussopimusten kirjain ja henki. In short, in this way the 1995 directive has become a dead letter. Näin ollen vuoden 1995 direktiivistä on tullut lain kuollut kirjain.
  • bookstaff
  • canonThe trial must proceed according to the canons of law.the entire Shakespeare canonWe must proceed according to canon law.
  • character
    A single locus governing the petal colour character was detected on the linkage group A2A study of the suspects character and his cast iron alibi ruled him outHe has a great deal of character.

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