Finnish-English translations for koulu-uhkaus

  • against
    If you swim against the current, you must work harderThe kennel was put against the back wallThe giant was silhouetted against the door
  • bomb
    During the Cold War, everyone worried about the bomb sometimesbox office bombmake a bomb
  • school
    The divers encountered a huge school of mackerel.Our children attend a public school in our neighborhoodHarvard University is a famous American postsecondary school
  • school bomb threat
  • school shooting threat
  • shooting
    Police are hunting the people who carried out the shootings last week.I take part in shooting at the local archery club.the shooting of rays of light
  • threat
  • threat against school

Definition of koulu-uhkaus


  • Perätön koulu-uhkaus aiheutti varotoimia useissa kouluissa. (

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