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  • die
    Indeed, some people could even die. Niin, jotkut ihmiset saattavat jopa kuolla. And he would rather die than retreat. Lisäksi hän halusi ennemmin kuolla kuin perääntyä. I say: ‘I do not want to die for Brussels’. Minä sanon: "En halua kuolla Brysselin puolesta."
  • depart
    His latest statements seemed to depart from party policy depart from a title or defence in legal pleading
  • have itConventional wisdom has it that heat rises, but in fact heat diffuses: hot air rises.He tried to make excuses but she wouldnt have it / was not having it / was having none of it.
  • pass
    They passed from room to roomYou will pass a house on your rightThe waiter passed biscuits and cheese
  • pass awayAfter a long battle with cancer, the professor passed away yesterday.

Definition of kuolla


  • Ukki kuoli sydänkohtaukseen 82-vuotiaana.
  • Perussairauteen, kuten poskiontelotulehdukseen, josta nuori ihminen selviää pelkällä sairastamisella, voi yli 85-vuotias kuolla.

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