Finnish-English translations for löyhkä

  • stenchIt was already clear in Amsterdam that its bilge water was not normal, because someone had collapsed and there was an unbearable and unusual stench. Jo Amsterdamissa oli selvää, ettei pilssivesi ollut tavanomaista, sillä joku oli pyörtynyt ja löyhkä oli sietämätön ja outo. The Wolfowitz affair may now be over, but the stench associated with the Bush Administration's corrupt and evil running of the world remains firmly stuck to our nasal smell receptors. Wolfowitzin tapaus saattaa olla ohi, mutta löyhkä, joka on piintynyt korruptoituneeseen ja pahaan tapaan, jolla George W. Bushin hallinto johtaa maailmaa, ei haihdu. the stench of political corruption
  • stink
    That movie stinks. I didnt even stay for the end.Something stinks about the politicians excuses.If you dont make a stink about the problem, nothing will be done.
  • funk
  • pong
  • pungency
  • reekYou reek of perfume.Your fridge reeks of egg.The boss appointing his nephew as a director reeks of nepotism.

Definition of löyhkä


  • Täällä on hirveä löyhkä!

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