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  • charger
    You then need to find a specific charger of a specific make and model. Heidän on löydettävä tietyn merkkinen ja mallinen laturi. The charger must automatically be bought with the phone, and this frequently gives rise to great annoyance amongst consumers. Laturi on aina ostettava puhelimen mukana, ja tämä ärsyttää usein kuluttajia. What is more, research shows that consumers spend EUR 300 million a year on new chargers because they are automatically included with the purchase of new phones. Kaiken lisäksi tutkimuksen mukaan kuluttajat käyttävät 300 miljoonaa euroa vuodessa uusiin latureihin, sillä laturi sisältyy aina automaattisesti uuden puhelimen ostohintaan.
  • adapter
    He was an able adapter, and could easily adjust to the differences when the company changed ownership.The critic gave rave reviews to the adapter of the ancient play, who worked to give the text more relevance to the modern day.He had an adapter that let him plug his phone into the cars cigarette lighter for power.
  • alternator
  • generator

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