Finnish-English translations for levätä

  • rest
    But we must not complacently rest on our laurels now. Emme saa nyt kuitenkaan itsetyytyväisinä levätä laakereillamme. There is absolutely no reason to rest on one's laurels. Ei ole todellakaan mitään syytä levätä laakereillaan. However, that does not mean we must rest on our laurels. Tämä ei kuitenkaan tarkoita, että voimme levätä laakereillamme.
  • have a break
  • seat
    There are two hundred seats in this classroomHe sat on the arm of the chair rather than the seat, which always annoyed his motherthe seat of a saddle
  • take a break
    She took a break from studying to eat a snack.
  • take it easy
    Im going to stay home Saturday and take it easy.Take it easy, its just a game!Im going home now. Take it easy.

Definition of levätä


  • Tässä lepää Lenin.

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