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  • plural
    We need workable systems – note the plural – that must be in place, that must work, and must be interoperable. Tarvitsemme toimivia järjestelmiä – huomatkaa monikko – joiden on oltava olemassa, joiden on toimittava ja joiden on oltava yhteentoimivia. It should say "the competent authorities", in the plural; there was not any disagreement between the Council and Parliament about this, it was just an error in the wording of the amendment. Siinä pitäisi olla monikko "toimivaltaiset viranomaiset"; neuvosto ja parlamentti olivat siitä yksimielisiä. Kyse on vain virheestä tarkistuksen muotoilussa.
  • tuple
    If commutativity were added to a tuple, it would turn into a multiset or "bag". For example, words (of some alphabetic language) can be considered to be tuples of letters. If the ordering requirement on those letters were lifted, then the word would become a multiset of letters equivalent to those of its anagrams.Both Python and Haskell have a tuple data type as well as a list data type.Unlike lists, tuples are not formed by consing.

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