Finnish-English translations for muru

  • bit
    A horse hates having a bit put in its moutha threepenny bitA quarter is two bits
  • darling
    Mary, the youngest daughter, was always her mothers darling.The girl next door picks up all my shopping for me. She is such a darling.Pass the wine, would you darling?
  • dear
    The dearer the jewel, the greater the love expressedSuch dear embrace tenderly comforts even in this dear sorrowThe dearer the giver, the dearer the trinket he brings!
  • morsel
  • scrap
    I found a scrap of cloth to patch the hole.Give the scraps to the dogs and watch them fight.pork scraps
  • sweetie
    Can I have a box of sweeties for being a good boy?
  • trip
    We made a trip to the beachHe was injured due to a trip down the stairsHe had a strange trip after taking LSD

Definition of muru

  • pieni kappale kuivaa, murenevaa ainetta, hippu

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