Finnish-English translations for painostus

  • coercive
  • heat
    This furnace puts out 5000 BTUs of heat.   That engine is really throwing off some heat.   Removal of heat from the liquid caused it to turn into a solidStay out of the heat of the sun!The chili sauce gave the dish heat
  • push
    This pressure is a major element in our effort to push things in a better direction. Tämä painostus on olennainen osa toimiamme, joilla pyrimme edistämään asioita oikeaan suuntaan. It highlights the problem of the military exerting pressure and pushing through decisions. Se valaisee ongelmaa, jonka aiheuttaa armeijan harjoittama painostus ja päätösten vieminen läpi voimalla. In his anger he pushed me against the wall and threatened me.

Definition of painostus

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