Finnish-English translations for pinta

  • surface
    A total of 70% of the earth's surface consists of water. 70 prosenttia maapallon pinta-alasta on vettä. Forests make up 40% of the surface of the European Union. Euroopan unionin pinta-alasta on metsien peitossa 40 prosenttia. Forests and wooded land cover more than 42% of the EU's surface. Metsät ja puustoiset alueet kattavat yli 42 prosenttia EU:n pinta-alasta.
  • area
    In France, 22 % of forest areas are affected. Ranskassa niille altistuu 22 % metsien pinta-alasta. There is merit in the proposal for area payments. Pinta-aluetukia koskevalla ehdotuksella on etunsa. Mountains account for 33% of Romania's surface area. Romanian pinta-alasta 33 prosenttia on vuoristoa.
  • afloat
    A rubber duck and other toys were afloat in the bath.The decks are afloat.The donation will keep our business afloat for quite a while.
  • coat
    When the dog shed its coat, it left hair all over the furniture and the carpetThe frying pan was coated with a layer of non-stick material, making it easier to wash
  • face
    That girl has a pretty faceThe monkey pressed its face against the railingsWhy the sad face?
  • face/translations
  • plate
    I filled my plate from the bountiful table.I ate a plate of beans.The meat plate was particularly tasty.
  • Riemann surface

Definition of pinta

  • esineen tai asian näkyvä, päällimmäinen osa
  • kaksiulotteinen jatkuva pistejoukko


  • Pöytä pitäisi pyyhkiä, koska sen pinta on likainen.
  • Veden pinta väreili kevyessä tuulessa.
  • Ostin sahalta pintoja polttopuuksi.

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