Finnish-English translations for ponnistus

  • effort
    It was a joint effort, and the success is also shared. Yhteinen ponnistus johti yhteiseen menestykseen. However, I think that the biggest effort is still to be made. Mielestäni suurin ponnistus on kuitenkin vielä edessäpäin. It has been a great challenge, and the effort required has been no lesser one. Haaste oli suuri, eikä ponnistus ollut sitä vähäisempi.
  • push
    Our biggest step forward and our biggest technological push is unquestionably the replacement of HFCs in car air conditioning systems. Suurin edistysaskeleemme ja suurin tekninen ponnistus on epäilemättä ollut HFC-yhdisteiden korvaaminen autojen ilmastointijärjestelmissä. In his anger he pushed me against the wall and threatened me.You need to push quite hard to get this door open.
  • endeavor
  • exertion
  • strain
    There is a strain of madness in her family.They say this years flu virus is a particularly virulent strain a rope; to strain the shrouds of a ship

Definition of ponnistus

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